4 link bygge - 940 volvo

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4 link bygge - 940 volvo

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I'm taking part on 4 link conversion on 940 body that my friend is designing as a project on his cad studies.
Main goal for is to get the rear suspension to handle boosted six cylinder and driver friendly car to track and street... one of the side goals is to make the rear axle upgrade easy to do in the future.
Ease of installation is allso important point.

First step is to use attaching points of the lower trailing arms will be utilized on the mounting of the system. Probably allso the bushing hole on the body could be used to reduce twist of the mountig frame.

Starting measurements gave us idea on bar lenght

There is easy to fit 600-700mm bar lenght under the car

Limiting factor on geometry is that the utilitize the full room under the chassis is that you have to cut and weld the body under rear seats

Lets assume that body will be notched to suit the bars it seams that there is around vertical 300mm room for the front mountig plates.

I'll value your input, experiences and theoretical pointers to get this working as it should.

Jag kan snacka med engelska och swenska, men finska är min nativ... it is faster me to write in english, but you can ansver either is easier to you...