Turbo choice - 400+hp b230

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Turbo choice - 400+hp b230

Post by JesperMC »

Hej Fra Danmark

Du kan skriva på svenska om du vill,
jag tror snart jag förstår det mesta... :scratch: But English is better for me :hihi:

Setup at the moment:
Holset He341ve
Homemade exhaust manifold
H beam rods.
Double valve springs
Kl racing T2 cam
Adjustable cam gear
Deatschwerks 900cc injectors
AEM 1000hp fuel pump
MS 2 Ecu
V-power 100 Octane
Approximately 2 bar boost, which gives me around 400hp/580nm at the engine.

This time I want to run a stock b230ft turbomanifold, to keep the car looking as stock as possible. (I will make a new turboflange to suit the new turbo of course)

The turbo I have now will not fit at stock location because of the massive VGT exhaust housing.

What turbo would you guys recommend, and how much power do you think I can reach with the current setup(and the new turbo)? I know there is people running very big numbers with more or less stock components, but almost always using E85.

Will be used for 201/402m drag and some street driving, but I don't care about the drivability in the street, I just want to run as low numbers as possible at the dragstrip, with more or less the current setup.

I need to run pump fuel (100 Octane).

I look forward to hear your thoughts :thumbright:
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Re: Turbo choice - 400+hp b230

Post by Baxman »

2 BAR boost is 3 bar map and 400 hp /3 is 133 hp from "the theoretical NA engine" whitch is 0.94 hp/CID and that is pretty low for the listed setup.

We usually achieve fom 145 to almost 170 hp running the 940 exhaust manifold and pump fuel 95 - 98 octane RON probably 85 - 88 octane MON.

Here the latest result:

I have more like these if you are interested.
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