500hp from b4194t, Volvo v40 1998 2.0t...

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Jussi Alanko
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500hp from b4194t, Volvo v40 1998 2.0t...

Post by Jussi Alanko »

Hi everyone!

I bought a Volvo 2.0t 1998 some time ago, and when i get it i put a boost tee and a catback exhaust to it. I think that it had something about 180hp now, and of course the horsepower mosquito had biten me again, and i think that i put new engine to my new low-boost Volvo...

I think that i'm gonna buy a b4194t engine and then i'm gonna overhaul it to a 500hp level of power...

I have a budget ceiling in 5500€. Is this kind of plan realistic to build this kind of engine, i need something about 500hp from it and i want that it revs to something about 7000-7500rpm, because i just like this kind of a high revving engine more than bigger more torquey engine which produces max hp something about 5500-6000rpm.

First i invest to a "new" engine, because i just can't build it with this 83mm bore sized b4204t because it cracks cylinders at 250+ hp levels, so i'm gonna buy b4194t and i'm thinking that i can get this at 400€

Then i'm gonna buy new rods to it, those costs 500€, then i had to buy a new pistons to it, they costs something about 900€.

I'm gonna bore and hone it to 81.50mm with torque plate, and then i'm gonna decking it, this cost something about 400€.

Then i'm gonna buy new gasgets and bearings and water pump, oil pump and everything else what you need to build an engine, these parts costs something about 400€

then i had 2900€ left to a cylinder head, camshafts, turbo, ic and new ECM.

I can regrind new camshafts something about 400€, specs i need to think about later, but we are in a ballpark with something like this, lift is around 9mm both cams, and duration had to be something about 230degrees at 1mm lift.

I can "port" these heads all by myself, because they flow enough to rev to 7krpm at stock, so i can just make a little bowlwork myself and then i can sent head to get a new multiangle valvejob. this can take something about 400€.

Then i had to buy a new turbocharger to this engine, i had not decided it yet. but maybe Holset hx40 super is a good option, it cost 500€.

Then i had to buy a new injectors and a new engine management system, i can go with a MaxxEcu mini, it cost something about 700€.

These cost about 4600€, and i can get a new, or used, exhaust manifold with 400€.

Then i only had to buy new injectors and a fuel pump and i can get these items with my leftover 500€.

And what i'm thinking now, this is a engine which produces reliable 500hp with something about 1.8-2.0 bar of boost.

Then i had of course buy a new clutch, new Quaife limited slip diff, i think that Volvos m56 transmission can handle 500hp.
And i will buy new bigger brakes to this car, and a new coilovers and new poly bushes.

I'm gonna spend something about 10k€ to this car, and i want that it gonna looks like an original 2.0t, but when you put pedal to the metal you can tease local bimmers with confidence! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :angryfire: '

What you think about my budget plans to this kind of engine, is this all i need, or do i need something else?

And is these specs to camshafts something that i need to adjust?

And does Holsets hx40 super spools at which rpm, i think that it can make 2 bar of boost something about 4500rpm, and which exhaust housing fits to this kind of engine 1.855cc and 7500rpm, i think that 14# is maybe too small and 18# is too big, then 16# is best to this engine.
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Re: 500hp from b4194t, Volvo v40 1998 2.0t...

Post by mattias »

I'm not an expert in these engines but it's likely that the stock pistons are ok with more power, but rods might be nice to upgrade. At 100 Nm/cylinder I'm not sure you need to do much to the bottom end actually. If you think 2 bar boost at low rpm is what you need, then you will get 600 Nm max torque which is probably not a good idea with stock pistons and rods.

Regrinded cams would be nice to gain a longer powerband so that you don't have to make as much torque to produce power. A lot of torque in a front wheel drive car is not very useful in my opinion (unless for drag race). If you can have 400-450 Nm with boost control and a progressive boost curve (by gear even) it will be easier to drive and hold together better.

MaxxECU mini is nice for some applications, but has no built-in wideband and why have an external one? Just get the MaxxECU Street from your dealer, don't pay for an external wideband and a Mini as it's the same money.

I would aim for a HX35 or a Borg & Warner S252 instead of the HX40, it has too much capacity (600+ whp) that you don't need and won't be as quick to come on boost as those I mentioned.
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Re: 500hp from b4194t, Volvo v40 1998 2.0t...

Post by Jussi Alanko »

Hi again, everybody!

What i'm studyed at these engines, these have very weak conrods, so they had to be bought. But pistons can hold up to somewhere at 400hp with ease.
So i'm thinking that if i drop my goal from 500hp to 400hp, i propably save a lot of money, and i propably wont lose so much at everyday performance.

Actually with a hair milder camshafts, little lower boost pressure and higher static compression ratio, it can be something about 9.5:1 if i drive with E85 and with lower boost pressure tuning window of this engine is little bit wider too.

I'm thinking that if i put a b4204s engines camshafts to this engine i will raise my max power about 1000rpm, from 5500 to 6500rpm.
Specs are in turbo engine: 242/243.5 duration and lift are 7.95mm.
Specs in Na-engine: 250/252 duration and lift are 8.45.

Those values are measured at 0.1mm lift.

But it does not cost so much to regrind the cams, then i can rev this engine to 7500rpm, and Max power comes something near 7200-7300rpm.
This will propably lower max torque, or at least it comes quite a bit later at rpm range, which is good thing for engines durability.

Cam specs that i need for this kind of 400hp engine is something about 9mm of lift, and 265/265 degrees of duration, measured at 0.1mm lift, something about 220degrees of duration measured at 1mm.

Then i can really downgrade my turbocharger, to something like Garrett GTW3476R. Here are map of this turbo.

https://www.kkdmotorsport.com/WebRoot/v ... COMP_0.jpg

As you can see, in pressure ratio of 1.6-1.8 there are 75-76% efficiency.
And, if i need more power at some stages it can be delivered with this turbocharger.

This kind of combination is propably more durable. It can had better drivability in streets.
And practical performance can be as good as 500hp version of same engine.

This is something i really need to thinnk about...
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