Recept LH 2.4 daily

Varje frän turbomotor grundas på en frän sugmotor!
Andre Johansen
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Recept LH 2.4 daily

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Hello Sävarturbo,

My daily car is a Volvo 240 which I want to tune.
The limitations I have is that it has to "look original" from the outside.
Also I have to pass emissions testing.

What could be a proper street setup instead of the original b230f?

My current plan:

531 ported and shaved 2mm, maybe 46/38 valves if it is worthwile?
Kjet intake
Bigger exhaust header
LH 2.4
Camshaft I am not sure, what is a good cam to still pass emissions/use LH and still give good performance?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Kind regards