that t5 camshaft!

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that t5 camshaft!

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thanks for helping me with my engine so far.

So the b230a, i did a rally last weekend and the car at 160 bhp is more than capable of doing what i want. But the problem is, when i had the engine apart, water got into the bores, and it the piston rings have seized. On no.4 cylinder, plug has fouled up with oil. But that was on teh way home from the rally the car went really well.

So , im going to build a new engine, the kl racing t5 cam worked well, but mid range was a little weak. The other problem with the t5, i dont know what cc to make the head, but if i was to contact say Enem, he would tell me exactly what to do.

So the question is, should i stick with the t5 cam, gut feeling is its a good cam. But, it would be nice with a bit more mid range, but that would cost maybe £500 by the time the cam is imported, shimmed up etc.

The guy who did my 531 said that my head would flow a lot better with about 14-15mm lift.

The other thing is, i am thinking of going back to the cast exhaust manifold , it seemed to work better, what lengths should the pipes be for what im doing?

Inlet im going for a kjet type with injectors welded into it.

So hopefully if the car does 170 bhp, id be over the moon. Its really good as is but it had low compression i think.

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